Are you a bike fanatic? If you are, you may be aware that modifications of the two-wheeler become a style statement. That increases a sense of satisfaction among two-wheeler riders. Upgrading the two-wheeler vehicle will improve its performance and appearance. 

But, modifications bring issues with it. So, today, this blog will tell you a few important things that affect the modifications. The slightest alterations can affect the bike insurance and market value. Also, remember your vehicle must be registered with the RTO and have two-wheeler insurance. 

Well, here are seven points to consider while modifying your two-wheeler as per your personality and needs. 

  • Modifications follow the law: It may surprise you. But it's true that you need to follow several laws for modifications. Under the Motor Vehicle Act, the new modifications should get approval from the ARAI (Automatic Research Authority of India). Also, it should not alter the manufacturer's original specifications. 
  • Better to let Professionals Do: As an amateur, if you are thinking of modifying your vehicle, that's not a good idea. You should hire a professional to do modifications. Otherwise, a small alteration mistake can damage your two-wheeler bike. 
  • No compromise on your Safety: Think if it is worth adding a part without compromising your safety before you alter a vehicle. The major goal of riding the two-wheelers is to commute to the destination. If any modification messes up your vehicle, it can do harm to you and your bike. 
  • Check with the Two-wheeler Insurer: You should consult with the insurer before you go for modifications. Every two-wheeler owner should follow the terms and

conditions of the insurance policy. If the modifications don't fulfill the conditions, the insurer might deny insurance claims. 

Types of Modifications to do to your Bike 

  • Performance Modifications: There are performance modifications that you could do to improve your bike’s performance. These could enhance the power of speed, better handling, and fuel efficiency. It makes your bike look stronger and improves the riding experience. Yet, altering the speed and handling can also increase the risk of accidents if you do it the wrong way. 
  • Aesthetic Modifications: Do you want to give an appealing look to your two-wheeler? Aesthetic modification is a simple way to change your vehicle’s appearance. You can change the color, headlights, seat cover, and other accessories. But the aesthetic modifications can increase the chance of two wheelers being stolen. 
  • Security Modifications: The best alteration is to enhance security modifications. If you install an anti-theft system, it will reduce the chances of your two-wheeler getting stolen. Also, Insurers approve the modifications that install pro-security devices. 

In a nutshell: Safety precautions are a must before going for modifications

A two-wheeler is the most precious possession of people. These tips will help you decide whether you should go for modifications. Take your safety as your first priority and learn about the impact of any modification on the two-wheeler before you tinker with it. You can try Axor care for improving the quality and comfort of riding.