Riding a bike encompasses significantly more safety and protection than driving a car, which you can easily do practically. The important bare requirement in bike safety equipment generally consists of a helmet, long pants, and closed shoes as a rule of thumb. 
For those who enjoy riding their motorcycles on a daily basis, wearing a helmet is as important as any other accessory or component of a motorcycle. It is possible to ride a bike without it, but it is not safe. The right helmet will protect you from the majority of the worst conditions in a productive way, while the wrong one will make even a 10-minute ride feel agonizing. It is highly recommended that one buy the helmet with utmost care and consider some essential factors. Here we highlighted a few basic elements that can help you choose the correct helmet for yourself. 
  1. Focus on your head shape and size :
Because everyone's head is slightly different in shape, helmets come in a variety of shapes, including round oval, intermediate oval (which is the most popular), and long oval.  While we all generally have between a round and oval-shaped head, it's important to determine your actual shape before buying a helmet.  Remember to focus on your head shape, not the shape of your face. The correct fitting helmet for you to wear while riding is not one that puts pressure on the wrong parts of your head. In order to avoid injury, wear your helmet at all times and pay attention to where it presses on your head.
  1. Adherence: 
The fitting Helmets will always stay on your head in all the unfavorable conditions and are considered the ones that will save you; the rest helmets are extra weights on your head. To check the retention, fasten the strap of your helmet, try to tug it off from the back, and see 
whether it moves out of your head. If your helmet is moving out, then try to adjust the helmet's strap, and even after adjusting, if it is not focused where it is meant to be, then certainly it is not the fitting helmet for your ride. Retention is a common problem of half-faced and modular types of helmets, and one must always check the helmet before buying it. 
  1. Visor:
The visor is another vital aspect of a helmet that must be contemplated while choosing the desired helmet. The visor should be transparent as it plays a significant role in giving you a clear vision. Smoked and mercury-tinted visors will surely attract the buyer's attention. Hence they put an impediment to providing a vivid imagination and must be evaded. One should prefer an anti-fog and anti-scratch visor that will be a wise decision to invest in for added budget. 
  1. Appropriate Cushioning:
Helmets are intended to protect your skull from injury in the event of an unfortunate or fatal situation, and the inner cushioning of the helmet plays an important role in this. One should check that the helmet has proper cushioning that can incredibly absorb the force and the inner surface should not be flat otherwise it will not be able to offer you the kind of protection that they are being designed for. 
  1. Ventilation:
Helmets are mainly pretty good for ventilation these days but it is better to consider the best-vented helmets list to make sure. A chin vent, one or two forehead vents, and some exhaust vents helmets perform the job to pull the air in and over the scalp and make sure all the front vents are closed. The chin bar vent should be able to pull a considerable amount of air up over the visor to aid with demisting. 
As the saying goes, safety is a crucial aspect when it comes to riding a bike. That being said, helmets come with several safety ratings, depending on your location in the world. While buying helmets you should always prefer helmets that have DOT/ECE approval that are safe and road legal. However, if you want to choose a helmet that provides higher safety protection, then you should look for quality certification. Axor follows an ideology of combining safety with fashion and promotes Designer Head Gear that have passed the stringent quality checks of the Bureau of Indian Standards IS-4151, DOT and ECE. 
Use your head and your heart while picking a helmet. Try Axor where the twain shall meet.