To all the biking lovers out there, just the love for biking and bikes is not enough. To keep the love going and embrace it, the helmet plays an important role. No doubt, you can ride without it, but cannot be safe without a helmet. Furthermore, you shouldn't wear it because it is mandatory by law, but it is something more to do with your safety while riding a motorcycle; that doesn't cost even a fraction of the money that would be spent on your hospital bills. 

One should know which helmet is right for them accordingly to his/her head size and shape. If you fail to choose rightly, then, it is not worth your money.

The following are the points to be remembered while buying a helmet:

  • Head size and shape
  • The helmet is specifically designed to protect our heads while riding a motorcycle. So, the size and shape should be the priority rather than the outward appearance of the helmet. Just like we have different personalities and characteristics; so as the shape and size of our heads. Mainly there are three categories: round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval. One can find out his or her shape and size by observing the own structure of the head and picking one accordingly for trial. If the helmet gives you pressure on the wrong points, then, it is definitely not suitable for you. A perfect helmet will exactly fit in like the diadem. 

  • Comfort first! 
  • The foremost purpose to give birth to a helmet is to avoid severe injuries while riding, but that does not mean it cannot give you comfort at the same time! We usually tend to not use a helmet while riding a motorcycle because of the discomfort and suffocation, which makes an individual feel uneasy. Thus, considering the factor of comfort along with safety and style is the first point to highlight. Riders with long hair can use a mesh skull cap before wearing a helmet. 

  • Visor: 
  • The visor is the vision of the helmet, hence, should be considered a significant aspect. The visor comes in smoke, rainbow and tinted variations, but they become an obstacle in providing you with a clear vision. Thus, must be avoided to add on to the best visor, you may go for the clear, antifog and anti-scratch visor. 

  • Certifications: 
  • Certifications marked behind the helmet are proof that the helmet has undergone necessary procedures and mandatory quality checks, which assures you full safety and value for money. As the ISI marked helmets are a little expensive when compared to the others. Thus, gives you the credibility and genuineness of the helmet you opt to purchase.