Pinlock 70 Film

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A Pinlock® lens is made to enjoy a fog-free ride. Perfect lens for daily commutes and weekend rides. Anti-fog lens in a visor-specific design combined with MaxVision™ technology for a stunning wide clear view.

Pinlock® is based on two key principles to ensure a fog-free vision. The moisture-absorbing surface of the lens effectively attracts and stores water molecules, while the airtight seal creates a thermal barrier together preventing condensation of the visor.

MaxVision™ offers wide-screen fog-free vision that maximizes the field of vision. When fitted the MaxVision Pinlock® lens integrates with the visor. This is due to the special recess area that is designed in the visor.

The system is kept in place by positioning the lens between two adjustable pins, making Pinlock the number one anti-fog solution for helmets.

This Pinlock fits perfectly for the X-cross model.  

The Pinlock lens is easy to install. You can find an instruction guide and video for support via this link:

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